Dolce & Gabbana fashion spectacular on Lake Como

 Yes Lake Como is once again centre of the world.

So hold on to your hats! – from 5 to 8 July Como becomes the catwalk of the world with the Dolce e Gabbana fashion show! Lake Como has been chosen to host an event for superstars by Dolce e Gabbana – but the invitation list is top secret – so if you are on holiday in Como this week – it’s a case of spot the star!

The event centres around Villa Olmo, but stretches from Cernobbio to Tremezzina for a fashion show and then Villa Pliniana at Torno for the final party on Sunday night. Then there are the party cruises on the Concordia and Patria ferries that are accustomed to leisurely carry tourists around the lake, but have now been hired to provide further nautical support to the event! The Patria has been re-invented as a Dolce and Gabbana pop up store teeming with handbags, shoes and clothes carrying special edition designs of Lake Como. The store is open until 10 July and moored at Villa Olmo.

Today is dedicated to jewellery, tomorrow high fashion and Saturday sartorial elegance.

The eyes of the fashion world are on Como, and if you haven’t been able to get a hotel room – this is why, with 400 secret VIPs invited plus all the attendant press, plus all the necessary security that events such as these entail.

What more can we say – Como is the place to be!  And if you are lucky enough to be in Como now – how about seeing how many stars you can spot!! And seeing as Como will no doubt host many more such events – how about buying a property so you have a base to enjoy it all from!

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