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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on film set in Como

Lake Como becomes a film set once again! Are you on holiday in Lake Como and wondering what is going on……………. and why some streets have been closed to the public? Well Como has once again been chosen as a film set. This time for  ‘Murder Mystery’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, in a new Netflix production that will be aired in 2019.

Filming centred around the streets at the top of Via Vittorio Emanuele in the centre of Como, creating a market scene (where there isn’t usually a market) for the 2 actors to run through.

Then it was onto Villa Olmo for more filming in the gardens. The Como scenes follow hot on the heels of previous shoots in Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino and highlight once again that Como is the place to be!!

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Dolce & Gabbana fashion spectacular on Lake Como

 Yes Lake Como is once again centre of the world.

So hold on to your hats! – from 5 to 8 July Como becomes the catwalk of the world with the Dolce e Gabbana fashion show! Lake Como has been chosen to host an event for superstars by Dolce e Gabbana – but the invitation list is top secret – so if you are on holiday in Como this week – it’s a case of spot the star!

The event centres around Villa Olmo, but stretches from Cernobbio to Tremezzina for a fashion show and then Villa Pliniana at Torno for the final party on Sunday night. Then there are the party cruises on the Concordia and Patria ferries that are accustomed to leisurely carry tourists around the lake, but have now been hired to provide further nautical support to the event! The Patria has been re-invented as a Dolce and Gabbana pop up store teeming with handbags, shoes and clothes carrying special edition designs of Lake Como. The store is open until 10 July and moored at Villa Olmo.

Today is dedicated to jewellery, tomorrow high fashion and Saturday sartorial elegance.

The eyes of the fashion world are on Como, and if you haven’t been able to get a hotel room – this is why, with 400 secret VIPs invited plus all the attendant press, plus all the necessary security that events such as these entail.

What more can we say – Como is the place to be!  And if you are lucky enough to be in Como now – how about seeing how many stars you can spot!! And seeing as Como will no doubt host many more such events – how about buying a property so you have a base to enjoy it all from!

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Will the “Flat tax” see the super-rich flocking to Lake Como?

Yesterday, whilst all eyes were on the budget in the UK, an interesting piece of legislation known now as the “flat tax” giving fiscal advantages to the super-rich was being introduced in Italy.

The Italian government intends to attract ultra-wealthy individuals, possibly those considering leave the UK following the Brexit vote, with the idea that with their wealth and status will in turn promote and generate investment in Italy.

Here at LAKE COMO CONCEPTS we believe that this will be yet another incentive for ultra high net worth individuals to make Lake Como their home. Lake Como has proved itself to be a place where the rich and famous can live easily – it is a very glamorous yet an extremely safe area and has all the convenience of Milan just over 30 minutes away.

If you would like to discuss fabulous real estate on Lake Como or stunning Liberty villas in nearby Brianza, please contact us in complete confidence at . Most of our opportunities over €10m are off market or pocket listings and do not appear on our or any website. We offer objective and impartial advice, whilst providing complete discretion and anonymity.

For those wishing to know more, the new law offers the super-rich the possibility of paying an annual “forfeit” or a flat tax of €100,000 on their earnings outside of Italy, should they become resident in Italy. For the super wealthy this is mostly likely to be a considerable tax saving on paying income tax at the usual rates of tax in Italy, and depending on income, potentially in most of Europe. The option is only open to individuals who have not been resident in Italy for nine out of the last ten years, and applies ……. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, please email us at

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Grab a bargain on Lake Como – but you’ll have to be quick!

Seven apartments for the price of one – Lake Como

Yes – you have read this correctly. Just released today, Lake Como Concepts is offering seven apartments on Lake Como, Italy for sale as a block sale for a total price of €210,000. WOW!!

The apartments are located in Blevio, just five minutes from Como and are located in a small condominium of 10 apartments in total. Six of the apartments are empty with vacant possession whilst the last apartment has a rent-free tenant with a life-time interest in the apartment. The apartments are for the most part two bedroom apartments, some with lake views, balconies and one with a large terrace. They would benefit from a programme of modernisation.

The apartments are not for sale individually and have been priced to attract investors looking to re-modernise and sell on or create a rental portfolio on Lake Como.

Blevio is one of the gems of Lake Como, with bars, shops and restaurants including Momi lakefront restaurant and the world famous luxury 5 star hotel Casta Diva.

Please contact us at to find out more or see our website

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Spruce up your holiday home on Lake Como

Spring is the right time to spruce up your holiday home on Lake Como

Lake Como is looking beautiful in the spring sunlight and the lake is getting busy as more visitors arrive, so now is the ideal time to spruce up your holiday home and make sure it is in a perfect condition for you and your family and friends, or for any paying guests you may have if you rent your home.

LAKE COMO CONCEPTS suggests that your checklist should include:

  • Make sure the property is fully aired and cleaned, especially if it has been empty and closed for months;
  • Flush all toilets and check drains are working;
  • Open all shutters, test that they work and make sure any insects have not built nests in the warm protected space between the shutters and the windows;
  • Jet wash any patios and terraces so they look at their best;
  • Re-varnish any wooden garden furniture;
  • Check gutters haven’t become full of leaves;
  • Make sure the tv and satellite are working correctly;
  • Check also the alarm, phone line and wi-fi connection;
  • Should you have a pool or a lift it is advisable to have then checked annually;
  • Have the boiler serviced, possibly consider installing a remote connection to control from a distance;

Test the air-conditioning units and lights in each room.

If you follow all these little steps you will be able to enjoy a stress-free home over the summer. If you do find any problems that need repairing from small to large, LAKE COMO CONCEPTS can assist with putting you in touch with reputable tradesmen in the Lake Como area to resolve,


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La Provincia (our local Lake Como newspaper) reports that bookings for holidays and hotels on Lake Como are already up by 10 % compared to last year, and that the increase is most marked in visitors from the UK and the USA.

We have examined reasons why this may be:

  • Effect of the tumbling euro? The purchasing power of the dollar and sterling is significant more than 2014, approximately 30% in the case of the dollar!
  • Pre-bookings for EXPO 2015 with many people adding on days to see Lake Como and other areas surrounding Milan? Bookings are already at over 10 million and many more are expected to book prior to the start on 1 May 2015
  • Opening of yet more high quality hotels on Lake Como?
  • The Italian housing market is picking up so many visitors may feel it is a time to buy? Last quarter’s residential real estate transactions were up 5.5%.
  • Beginnings of a financial recovery in the US and UK?


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With the strengthening dollar is now the right time to buy on Lake Como?

There is never really a right or wrong time to buy a property – the decision is very personal, but with all things being equal, the strengthening dollar means that it may be worthwhile thinking about buying a property in Europe if your savings or income is in dollars.

We consider a market such as Italy that has yet to fully recover from the financial crisis is ideal for investment and it seems that things may finally be on the turn with the results last week from the Agenzie delle Entrate that the Italian housing sales are positive for the first time in seven years.

For the US dollar investor, as recently as May 2014, the exchange rate was USD 1.39 to the Euro, whereas on Friday 6 March 2015 it was at 1.09.

So what does this mean? Let’s take the average holiday home investor – for example with $300,000 to invest. In May 2014 this could buy an apartment on Lake Como for just under €216,000. Around Lake Como this should have achieved a 2 bedroom apartment. However just 10 months later with the stronger dollar this would be now €275,000 and thus open the door to a greater choice of apartments, and possibly even a small villa! At Lake Como Concepts we have villas starting at €260,000 so every extra euro really counts!

How will it go in the future? Will the dollar continue to strengthen? Who knows – talk to your financial advisor see what they are suggesting.

All we know is that Lake Como has a lot to offer to the investor – prices have held firm compared to other areas of Italy during the crisis and it is well positioned now to take advantage of Milan EXPO 2015! In addition with the news last week that annual Italian housing sales have turned positive, then it may be a perfect moment! So if you are thinking of buying have a look at the real estate we are selling at

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Italian Real Estate Market back in the black!

Yes, it’s official – according to the Agenzia delle Entrate – after seven long years in the red, the Italian real estate market has turned in positive results for 2014.

Property transactions in Italy were up by 1.8% in 2014 on a year by year basis, with the fourth quarter showing a particularly strong 5.5% increase. There were a total of 920 849 property transactions in 2014 with the best result coming from the commercial sector (+ 5.7%), followed by residential and manufacturing (+ 3.6%), whilst the service sector remains negative (-4.6%).

Some of the major cities in Italy saw double-digit growth in 2014, mainly Bologna (+ 18.5%), Genoa (15%), Rome (+ 13.9%) and Florence (+ 13.3%), whilst Milan and Turin both recorded a respectable growth of 5%. Interestingly, there was a 12% increase in transactions supported by a mortgage, with 40% of purchasers obtaining a loan and the average mortgage value was Euro 119,000.

So maybe it’s the time to consider investing in that property of your dreams in Italy, particularly if you put this together with the very favourable exchange rate of the euro against the dollar, sterling and the Swiss franc.


Buying real estate on Lake Como is sometimes seem as a property investment for use in the Summer months but really nothing could be further from the truth. From its strategic central location, Lake Como makes a great base for exploring some fantastic ski resorts in the Italian and Swiss Alps.

Under an hour from Lake Como Closest to Lake Como, is Mount Sighignola in Lanzo d’Intelvi, at 1320 metres above sea level and just 20 minutes by car above Argegno. A day’s skiing only costs €20 at weekends and €15 on a week day and the area is great for beginners or children with a short baby slope and then a medium difficulty slope. With only 4km of pistes it is great if you are just starting and looking to try skiing near home. Fantastic views can be enjoyed from the top over Lake Lugano, and the area is known as the “Balcony of Italy”. Otherwise just north of Lecco, on the Lecco branch of Lake Como is Piani di Bobbio at 1700m, a larger ski area offering 35km of downhill skiing. The majority of the pistes are suitable for beginners but there is also challenging black runs if you take the Chiavello chairlift and descend Mount Orscellara. Whilst for cross country skiers there is a 5km ring also used for Italian and international races. Just 20 minutes by car from Lecco and under an hour from Como, and a day’s skipass is €32 at weekends or €26 during the week.

Under two hours from Lake Como Under two hours from Lake Como are some excellent Italian resorts – Bormio with its World Cup run and 50 km of pistes, suitable for all levels and reaching to over 3000m, Aprica again with 50 km of runs and the convenience of the beginners’ slopes right in the town, Chiesa Valmalenco, 35 km of pistes, Madesimo, 50 km of pistes. The choice is really vast and not limited to these more well known ski areas, where you will find excellent skiing, and can enjoy mouth-watering local food and wine at the numerous baitas dotted around. Skipasses around €35 to €40. Changing direction and going north from Como, a Swiss resort that is returning to popularity is Andermatt at the foot of the San Gotthard tunnel, and reachable by car in 1 hour 40 minutes. Famous in the 1960’s and with scenes in Goldfinger, the James Bond film, it has recently seen heavy investment in 5 star hotels and luxury boutiques. It has 125 km of runs to suit all levels and reaches to 3000m

Under two hours, 30 minutes from Lake Como If you wish to travel that little bit further there are some of the most famous ski resorts in the world within a few hours’ drive. Going into Switzerland there is St Moritz, about 2 hours 30 minutes from Como. There are 350 km of runs taking the three main ski areas into account; Corviglia, Corvatsch and the Diavolezza. Having hosted 4 World Cups and 2 Winter Olympics, St Moritz is gearing up for the next World Cup in 2017. Remember, it is Swizerland and a day’s skiing will set you back about €75. Staying in Italy, then try the duty free area of Livigno, with 115 km of downhill runs on both sides of a wide valley. Lifts are linked and a day’s skiing will cost €44 but is well worth it and you can always save with duty free purchases, at least petrol! Known as Piccolo Tibet as it is very cold and may be best avoided in the extremes of January! These are just a taste of the resorts comfortably accessible from Como for the day. If you are going for a weekend there are vast areas to explore – the Dolomites, the Via Lattea with Sestriere at its heart…………there are no limits!

What to do at Christmas in Como

Many people feel that Lake Como is just for Summer vacations – but nothing could be further from the truth. Como town and Lake Como itself make a great getaway at any time of the year.

As autumn, the season of delicious porcini mushrooms – wonderful with pasta, risotto or polenta – gives way to winter, Como gears up to a new challenge. Winter is the time of the Citta’ dei Balocchi, the ice rink in Piazza Cavour, the splendidly lit Duomo, and the street decorations that abound all the pedestrian thoroughfares in the town.

The CITTA’ DEI BALOCCHI – now in its 21st year in Como continues to grow in popularity with more and more visitors each year. Balocchi is an old Italian word for toys – and true to its name, Como dedicates itself to free activities and games for children in this pre-Christmas period, including puppet shows and exhibitions of magic tricks, plus displays of winter cribs and nativity scenes. The whole of Como joins in the fun with dazzling light shows and a spectacular 16 metre high Christmas tree in Piazza Grimoldi, next to the Duomo

CHRISTMAS MARKETS – the place to get those last minute Christmas gifts – stretching up Via Ciao Plinio towards the Duomo are the wooden Christmas market stalls selling the wonderful Christmas fare – gifts, vin brule’, grappas, torroncini, hams and salamis!

OSTERIA CON POLENTA – need some sustenance? Then visit the specially created winter garden restaurant in Piazza Verdi and sample all traditional dishes from around Lake Como in a magical atmosphere of fairy-lit trees. These Como dishes include polenta, Missoltini (sundried small lake fish), i pizzoccheri (a buck wheat pasta from the Valtellina), regional cheese, wines, beers and olive oils.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR – GET YOUR SKATES ON – The ice rink in Piazza Cavour in the centre of Como is open from 29 November 2014 to 7 January 2015, Monday to Friday 2.30pm to 11pm and weekends 10am to 11pm (closed only on Christmas Day)

JANUARY SALES – Christmas shopping is in full swing with many car-parks in Como already filling up early each day. The eagerly awaited January sales officially begin on Monday 5 January for Lombardy, so if you are planning a Lake Como short break that may be a good time, although remember, 6 January is an Italian bank holiday and not all the shops are open!

THINKING OF BUYING A PROPERTY – if you are looking for a new home it’s a great time for your property search – and at LAKE COMO CONCEPTS we are open during the festive period and you can find some special festive offers at

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