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Yet another luxury hotel on the eastern side of Lake Como……………

Ok, first there was Casta Diva, the boutique 5 star hotel in Blevio and that started the steady influx of luxury hotels that are springing up on the eastern shores of Lake Como.

Next to open we think we be the new boutique hotel of Oleg Boiko, once again in Blevio, just minutes from Como city centre and boasting a wonderful lake front. Villa Belgiojoso was bought by the Russian magnate for a reported €15 million and over the past 3 years has been lovingly and tastefully restored to create a real ‘wow’ boutique hotel.

Slightly further along the lake and on the waterfront,  at the ex – Villa Flora in Torno, building is presently underway on the new 5 star hotel right next door to Villa Berlusconi!

And not to be outdone, up in Brunate the once magnificent Grand Hotel Milano is having a complete renovation to restore it to its once opulent 5 star fame.

So if by any chance, you are not sure where to stay on Lake Como – very soon you will be even more spoilt for choice as great efforts are being made for completion for EXPO 2015!

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Sales up in Cernobbio and Moltrasio on Lake Como

Last week ‘La Provincia di Como’ revealed that in 2013 Cernobbio and Moltrasio were the clear winners for year on year number of sales with a colossal 30 % increase. The area of Tremezzina came in with a very healthy 10 % increase and the eastern shore showed its growing popularity with Blevio, Torno and Faggeto reporting a respectable 3% increase in volume of sales. These figures are particularly strong taken in comparison with the average for the whole Como Province of 13% decrease in volume of sales.

The statistics were compiled by Borsino Immobiliare / FIMAA Como and indicate that much investment has been in the lower basin of Lake Como. This was our perception but it is always good to see market statistics support this!

The report continued to say that most agents saw 2014 as a year of consolidation with the real recovery coming in 2015. Value wise – new builds and ecological properties have been holding their prices across the Province, although there has been a decline in value of 1960/70s apartments.

So what does the future hold? We are always asked by buyers which areas will perform well in the next few years and interestingly we have been saying for some time that the eastern shore is relatively undiscovered and has some wonderful villas for discerning clients. Therefore, we think that the eastern shore through to Faggeto Lario will show an increase again this year, especially with the new 5 star resorts set to join Casta Diva.  Whilst Cernobbio through to Laglio will always be a safe strong bet.

Our recommendation – The fantastic Liberty villa pictured above in Cernobbio, untouched for many years and containing original features. At a realistic price of €980,000 this has great investment potential or could be made into a lovely family home with the addition of a pool. Contact us if you would like to know more at